Stray & Feral Animals

Stray Animal: While not specifically defined in the Paulding County Animal Control Ordinance, a stray animal is typically defined as an animal that does not have an owner and is "at large" in the community. According to the PCAC ordinance, an "owner" is defined as "any person who has title to or the right to possession of an animal, including, but not limited to, the caretaker or custodian of any animal or person harboring or having control of an animal. An animal is deemed in a person's possession if it is fed or sheltered for three consecutive days or more."

Feral Animal: A feral animal is an undomesticated animal. Generally, the animal is not socialized and therefore uncomfortable around humans and sometimes other animals.

Because we are a rescue and not a shelter, by law, we are not permitted to accept stray animals. Stray animals must first go to a shelter to give their owners a chance to find them. For the safety of our guests, employees, and volunteers we cannot accept feral animals.

If you find a stray animal, please take it to the proper Animal Control Authority/Animal Shelter so its owner has a chance to find it.

If the animal is found in Paulding County please contact Paulding County Animal Control.

If the animal is found in Douglas County please contact Douglas County Animal Control.

If the animal is found in Cobb County please contact Cobb County Animal Control.