Jennifer's Pet Rescue is a no-kill, not-for-profit, animal rescue organization. We survive mainly on donations from kind animal lovers. We are also recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization making all donations tax-deductible.

Donations of food, supplies, and/or cash can be made in person on Saturdays and Sundays at PetSmart in Hiram or mailed to:

Jennifer's Pet Rescue

2271 McPherson Church Road

Dallas, GA 30132

Note: This is only a mailing address.

We also accept monetary donations via PayPal.

Wish List

Cat & Kitten Items

Dog & Puppy Items

Miscellaneous Items

Wet & Dry Food for Cats

Wet & Dry Food for Dogs

Collapsible Metal Cages (like we use in front of PetSmart)

Wet & Dry Food for Kittens

Wet & Dry Food for Puppies

Plastic Travel Crates (like what animals travel in on airplanes)

Clay Kitty Litter

Slip Leads, Leashes, and Collars

Newspapers (minus the shiny advertisement pages)

Cat & Kitten Pill Pockets

Dog & Puppy Pill Pockets

Old Bath Towels

Cat & Kitten Treats & Toys

Dog & Puppy Treats & Toys

Paper Towels

Cat & Kitten Flea Preventative

Dog & Puppy Flea Preventative

Liquid Laundry Soap

Cat & Kitten Heartworm Preventative

Dog & Puppy Heartworm Preventative


Cedar Chips (Fall & Winter Only)

Note, we cannot accept plush items such as pillows, pet beds, or stuffed animals.