Information for New Owners

Adopting a pet is like having a child. You are making a lifelong commitment to provide medical treatment and humane care for the animal. Medical treatment includes providing monthly and yearly vaccines and procuring emergency medical treatment as necessary.

Finding a Veterinarian: We strongly suggest finding a veterinarian as soon after adoption as possible. There are multiple qualified veterinarian facilities in our area. Prior to adoption our animals are treated by the kind veterinarians at East Paulding Animal Hospital.

Spay & Neuter Information: All animals associated with Jennifer's Pet Rescue are spayed or neutered prior to being promoted for adoption. If you have another animal who needs spayed or neutered please visit the Spay & Neuter page for information on local low-cost spay and neuter organizations.

Vaccination Information:

Cat Vaccines: Cats must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper, Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) on a yearly basis. Flea preventative must be given on a monthly basis.

Dog Vaccines: Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and distemper on a yearly basis. Kennel Cough vaccines last for six months and are strongly suggested. Heartworm and flea preventative must be given on a monthly basis. Heartworm preventative is a "prescription" medication and can only be obtained from a veterinarian. Animals must be tested for heartworm on a yearly basis. Jennifer's Pet Rescue tests all dogs on intake, meaning your new dog should not need tested for the first year after adoption as long as you provide our results to your veterinarian within 30 days of adoption. Heartworm-positive animals can be promoted for adoption. If applicable, your adoption counselor will discuss this with you during the adoption process.

Special Vaccines for Kittens & Puppies: Puppies and kittens receive their first year of vaccinations in a series of three booster shots. Puppies and kittens can be promoted for adoption after they have received their second set of boosters. It is then the responsibility of the new owners to ensure the animal receives its third set of shots. If applicable, your adoption counselor will discuss this with you during the adoption process.

Buying Supplies: Below is a helpful brochure for new pet owners. We made our shopping lists based on best-practices and personal experience. Our suggestions are only presented as guides. If you have questions please talk to a pet store employee, veterinarian, etc.

Proper Care: Because everyone, new and seasoned owners alike, should always practice proper pet care we have separated this information onto its own page. Please visit the Proper Care page for information providing proper nutrition and shelter.

New Owners Brochure