Cats & Kittens for Adoption

Below is a searchable list of all cats and kittens we are currently promoting for adoption. The default is set to "Adult". To view our available kittens please select "Baby" in the age category and click the green "Go" button. Note, kittens can be hard to photograph and keep as up-to-date as we would like so if you are looking for a kitten please visit us at PetSmart.

We update our available animal listings after each adoption event. If you do not see an animal listed it has found its forever home and we encourage you to keep searching. Please do not call to inquire about animals that are no longer listed.

Prior to being promoted for adoption all animals are certified "adoptable" by a licensed veterinarian, meaning they are spayed or neutered and current on all age-appropriate vaccinations. Animals with medical conditions are clearly identified as such. All new born kittens receive their first two rounds of vaccination boosters prior to being promoted for adoption. Individuals adopting new born kittens are responsible for ensuring the animal receives its third round of vaccination boosters as appropriate. If applicable, our adoption counselors will discuss this with you during the adoption process.

How to Adopt a Cat or Kitten

Adopting a cat or kitten from Jennifer's Pet Rescue is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Browse our list of available cats and kittens below and pick your favorites.

Step 2: Complete the Cat & Kitten Electronic Adoption Application and save a copy of the completed form to your computer.

Step 3: Email the completed form to JPR@jenniferspetrescue.com.

We will review your application for approval and then contact you to work through the adoption process.

Trouble with the electronic form? A print-ready copy is available on the Contact Us page. Please do not email hand written forms. Please bring them to us at PetSmart.