Proper Pet Care

Adopting a pet is like having a child. You are making a lifelong commitment to provide medical treatment and humane care for an animal. Medical treatment includes providing monthly and yearly vaccines and procuring emergency medical treatment as necessary.

As defined by Paulding County Animal Control, humane treatment means providing adequate heat, ventilation, sanitary shelter, wholesome fresh food, and access to fresh, clean, wholesome water at all times, consistent with the normal requirements and feeding habits of the animal's size, species, and breed.

Providing Proper Shelter: As a condition of adoption, all adopted cats must live indoors. We prefer all dogs live in doors as well; however, we understand that some dogs prefer to live outside. Dogs living outside should have a large, fenced living area complete with a clean, covered, enclosed area in which to sleep and seek shelter during inclement weather. The sleeping and eating areas should be separate from the bathroom area. The animal should have enough room to play and exercise as applicable to its size and breed. Animal should never be tied to trees, poles, etc. or permitted to roam freely. Tying animals to trees, poles, etc. , also known as tethering, is illegal in Paulding and most other Georgia counties. In the summer outdoor animals must have unrestricted access to a cool, shaded area.

Providing Proper Nutrition: Jennifer's Pet Rescue is a no-kill, not-for-profit, animal rescue organization. We survive mainly on donations from kind animal lovers. Our animals are not on a specific diet. Portion information is printed on most animal food bags. All pet foods are divided into age categories. The different age categories correspond to the animals' bodies needs at that time. Animals should be fed age appropriate food to ensure proper mental and physical development. For example, feeding fully grown adult animals kitten or puppy food will cause them to become overweight as the food is geared toward animals that are not fully grown. If you are unsure which food to purchase please consult your veterinarian. Animals should never be fed table scraps or other "human food".

Animals should always have access to clean drinking water.

If You Suspect Abuse or Neglect: If you suspect any animal is being abused or neglected (not just dogs or cats) please contact your local Animal Control Officer immediately. Animal hoarding and animal fighting are serious crimes. If you suspect someone is hoarding animals or using them in fighting or other violent situations please contact your local Animal Control Officer.

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